Latest on Thailand

The anti government red-shirts have now been removed from central Bangkok and its surrounding areas. The protesters have been safely returned home using government transportation and were provided with money for food. Life in Bangkok is again returning to normal and is expected to be completely safe after a few days of clean up operations.  […]


World’s Most Exclusive Luxury Hotels

A massage in your private suite? Been there, done that. How about getting a hot stone treatment in your own private gazebo, that’s perched on a cliff, while watching breaching whales behind crashing Atlantic rollers? The stakes are high in the luxury travel world: Hotels at the top tier are opening at rapid-fire pace, and, […]


How Travel Insurance Works

The question of whether or not to purchase travel insurance isn’t easily answered. Some people throw caution to the winds and never get any insurance at all, much less travel insurance. Of course, these same folks may end up in debt for life if they’re ever in a disabling accident. Travel insurance poses some new […]