Debating whether to travel to northern or southern Spain? We’re going to breakdown the highlights of visiting both regions in easy to read lists, so you can make the decision for yourself…

Both Northern and Southern Spain are full of history, culture and great food and both regions deserve a visit, but we understand if you can only pick one (at the moment). Each region in Northern and Southern Spain is very different also. It as if Spain is made up of many different countries though out, so you are guaranteed a variety of culture, cuisine and sites wherever you venture.

Northern Spain Highlights:

  • Greener landscapes with mountains, forests, parks and the purest beaches (does have a rainy season)
  • The Most Michelin Starred restaurants and more sophisticated cuisine
  • The most popular wine regions of Spain are located in the north of Spain (Rioja, Navarra, Galacia)
  • Home of the Cathedral and ending point of the famous pilgrimage, the Way of St. James
  • Trendy Film and cultural festivals
  • Less touristy and more pristine landscapes
  • The beautiful Galacia, Cantabria and Basque regions
  • More languages spoken in the North
  • Home to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander and other gorgeous coastal cities
Northern Coast of Spain (Santander)
Northern Coast of Spain (Santander)

Southern Spain Highlights:

  • Warmer temperatures and sunny all year long
  • Larger beaches with more visitors
  • Larger tourism industry and said to be ‘friendlier’ to tourists
  • Home to the unique and lively Andalusia region
  • Wonderful shows of Flamenco song and dance
  • English is more widely spoken in the south
  • Southern cuisine is delicious and known to be ‘comfort’ food
  • Local Sherry wine is produced here
Traditional Flamenco dancer in Southern Spain (Seville)
Traditional Flamenco dancer in Southern Spain (Seville)

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