The Food and Wine of Navarra

As is said about the majority of Spain, the cuisine of the Navarra  region is complex and diverse – in part because the climates and terrains of this area are extremely diverse. This variety results in many different ingredients and deliciously unique dishes. Popular dishes are made from the fresh vegetables of the Ebro Valley Plains, seafood from the fresh mountain streams of the Pyrenees and nearby Atlantic, a variety of meats, olives and olive oil, as well as locally made cheeses.


The popular vegetables grown in the region are white asparagus, artichoke, red paquillo peppers and pochas beans. Popular meat dishes include lamb, beef, duck, rabbit, quail, trout and shellfish. Arroniz and Arbeqiuna olives are used to make the local olive oil, used in almost everything, and the local Roncal and Idiazabal cheeses are made from sheep’s milk. The recipes for these amazing artisanal cheeses have continued to be tightly guarded by the locals to this day, and for understandable reason.


Examples of common dishes from the area are Chorizo, Duck with Peaches and Artichokes with Ham.


Although there is no denying the Navarran cuisine is delicious, the drinks from the region cannot go unnoticed. The dishes are best paired with a great Navarran wine or even the local spirit, Pacharan. The red, white and rose wines from Navarra are not only widely popular in Spain, but have gained international recognition for their flavors, quality and individual style. Pacharan is a fruity spirit that is very popular in the region and is made from pacharanes fruits that give the drink its red color and fruity aroma and flavor.


Have you tried the cuisine or wines from Navarra? Let us know what you thought in the comment section below. What was your favorite dish? Did you enjoy the fusion of flavors? What did you find most unique about the cuisine or wines?


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