Flamenco is the style of song and dance deeply rooted in Spain’s Andalusian region. The Spanish art form is made up of guitar (toque), song (cante), dance (baile) and sharp hand clapping (palmas) called staccato.  The dancing is emotional and expressive – conveying the emotions and telling the story of the song through movements, stomping and intense facial expressions.  The song and music set the mood for the dancer and emotions may range from sadness to joy or even passion. All together, each element of Flamenco comes together perfectly, telling a unique and captivating story to its audience. 

Although the exact roots of this dance are widely debated, it is most associated with those of Romani heritage in Spain and was declared one of the Masterpeices of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

Check out these pictures from a Flamenco style song and dance show in Granada this summer:

DSCN0478 DSCN0474 DSCN0473 DSCN0471 DSCN0469

Curious to see a show of traditional Flamenco song and dance for yourself? Join us on an unforgettable journey through Southern Spain aboard the luxurious Al Andalus Interested guests may call 1-800-724-5120 or visit our website at www.palacetours.com for tour details and reservations.

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