Renfe Fares – Which is right for me?

The good thing about Renfe is there are so many options. The downside is you may not know which to choose! Palace Tours breaks down your options so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Mesa:Cambios - NoAnulaciones 50%Mesa Rate: This is ideal for families. This seating arrangement is four seats around a table. The price varies depending on the number of travelers.

  • Changes: Not available
  • Cancellation: 50% of fare price
  • Choose your seat : No, you are assigned a table

Promo:Eleccion de asiento - NoCambios - NoAnulaciones - NoPromo rate: This is often the least expensive rate, and only available on some trains for a limited time. Promo is ideal for a budget traveler with a fixed schedule

  • Changes: Not available
  • Cancellation: 100% of fare price
  • Choose your seat: No

Promo +:Elección de asiento - SíCambios 20%Anulaciones 30%Promo Plus rate: Promo plus is a great option for budget travelers with uncertain dates. The rate is often low, but allows for some flexibility.

  • Changes: 20% of fare price
  • Cancellations: 30% of fare price
  • Choose your seat: Yes!

Tarifa Ida y Vuelta:Cambios 0%Anulaciones 40%Round Trip rate: Use this rate only if you are taking a round trip journey. It allows for booking a departing and returning train with ease.

  • Changes: Free!
  • Cancellations: 40% of fare price
  • Choose your seat: No

Flexible:Cambios 0%Anulaciones 5%Flexible rate: As the name suggests, these rates are best if your dates or itinerary is flexible. Booking flexible rates gives you freedom to change or cancel without a heavy penalty

  • Changes: Free!
  • Cancellations: 5% of fare price
  • Choose your seat: Yes!

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