Al Andalus: A Royal Retreat through Spain

Al AndalusPalace Tours would like to invite you to live like royalty on the Al Andalus luxury train. Formerly a favorite of the British Royal Family, Al Andalus is the height of lavishness for experiencing Spain. The train boasts 32 lavish suites and four lounge cars restored and decorated to reflect the Belle Époque era. Borrow a book from the library to read while sipping tea, or have a drink in the Bar Car while listening to a live concert. The setting is unrivaled for its opulence in travel.

Al Andalus can take you on two exciting tours across Spain. If you are fascinated by Spanish history and culture, the Al Andalus “Palace on Wheels” train journey allows you to partake in our tour beginning in Seville and traveling through Cordoba, Granada, Jerez, and other cultural points of interest before returning to the originating city. Find yourself visiting numerous locations, including some that garnered the title of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. While staying on Al Andalus, you will only unpack your bags once during the 6-day journey through Spain’s heritage.

Sevilla Cathedral

For a more modern exploration of Spain, join us on a tour through the country on our tour entitled “Running of the Bulls: San Fermin 2013.” Travel from Madrid to Zaragoza, and finish your tour in Barcelona. The train makes stops at several cities and World Heritage Sites, including Burgos, the Cathedral of Avila and Salamanca, but the pinnacle of the trip is the visit to Pamplona, where you can enjoy an authentic bull fight before experiencing history at the Running of the Bulls. Enjoy the event from our special viewing location, or run with them! After Pamplona, the train travels to Zaragoza for a day of history, heritage and gastronomy. After exploring the city, you will retire to a high-end hotel to rest before your transport to Barcelona. Once you arrive in Barcelona, you have the option to stay in a specially selected hotel or extend your trip and explore all Barcelona has to offer. This seven day excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and is a Palace Tours exclusive.


Your life will be forever changed after experiencing the history and culture that this tour provides. Travel through the colorful landscape within the elegant settings of Al Andalus.  Quite literally a “Palace on Wheels” of Spain, we invite you to travel like royalty through the beautiful nation of Spain.

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