Summer Festival in Rajasthan – India

India is full of events and festivals all round the year. These fairs and festivals capture the essence of Indian culture and traditions, making you part of the world which lived many decades ago.
Mount Abu Summer Festival is one of the festivals to look forward to for people traveling to Rajasthan around that time.
The summer Festival is held every year at Mount Abu in the month of June is a picture of true festivities in the desert state of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the perfect spot for the summer festival because of favorable climate and picturesque backdrop, as it’s the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. The three-day festival is basically a feast of folk and classical music and it gives an insight into the culture and tribal life of Rajasthan.
The festival is held every year during Buddha Purnima and it celebrates the warmth and cheerfulness of the people of the hill, their colorful life and vivacious nature. The exotic locations combined with the hospitality of the people make this a memorable experience.
Summer Festival stars with singing of ballads, followed by folk dances and ceremonial processions. There are various competitions on the second and the third days like boat race, horse race, tug of war etc which adds variety to this colorful festival; the grand finale is a glittering firework display.
This is one of the most popular festivals of the state a good time to refresh yourself in the serene environment of (man-made) Nakki Lake and enjoy the summer festival which is a great blend of color and rhythm.

Festival Dates this Year: 26th to 28th May, 2010

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